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08 June 2006 @ 08:27 am
Heh, it's nice to see my parents, brothers, and sisters again. I feel really good to wake up in the morning and run downstairs to see Mike's face ^_^.

We're getting married Saturday July 15th. It's going to be a small chapel wedding where a few intimates as well as the new church we're going to, is invited. I am loving every second...

Anyways, got an interview today, so yeah- hope I do good o_o.
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02 June 2006 @ 02:30 am
Well, I woke up around 7:40am and rolled over to make a shopping list in a tiny spiral notepad I keep beside me. It was funny because I went back to sleep thinking the alarm would go off at 8 and I would get up and start the day; so I finish the list and roll over again.

I end up waking up at 11 and groaned, hopped out of bed and called Mike, who happened to be able to take me to go pick up my check at WalMart. So, hung up with him and got dressed- the phone rang and it was my mom ^_^. They're really happy about the house and were putting beds and stuff together as we spoke.

After that, I went shopping with all my stuff with Mike, Allora, and Aleah. It was pretty cool except for the part when we were eating Mongolian BBQ and I couldn't enjoy it because my nose was so stuffy.

Truth be told, I'm glad I'm leaving this place over here. It's not like I'm really welcome anyways. I would explain more, but there really is no point in doing so. I got my suitcases so I can leave. I'm pretty much leaving THIS house Saturday night, but I don't leave leave until Sunday morning.

Saturday is my birthday. I don't want to spoil it by having to spend any part of MY day here. At all.

I know that sounds harsh, but this isn't something that just developed overnight. The only thing I'll be sorry to leave behind is Lee, my kitty cat. >_> no one except for me, Tina, and Sai really likes him. It's not that he's a bad cat- it's quite the opposite. He doesn't act all weird like Tiger and plus, he's not a dramatic cat. He just minds his own business and invites all his little cat friends over. People talk crap about not wanting to feed him, so I bought two 25 lb. bags of cat food that should last a little over 6 months. Hopefully, they won't be heartless.

I want to see if I can get my dad to let me bring him over to Vegas. If so, that'll be one of the many things Mike and I bring back when we visit again. I would worry about Tiger, but I know Tiger is well liked and wouldn't be abused. Heck, maybe I could see if two cats could come.

Either or, it's freaking one thing after another with these damn sicknesses. It's pissing me off.

Lol. That and I bought We Heart Katamari. I want it played so I can watch and think it's cute. Heh, that and I bought my brother the PS2 multitap.

The day was fine indeed.
30 May 2006 @ 02:01 pm
Girls are scandalous.

Right now, my chest is hurting something fierce. I could don't know. I got off the internet to talk to Mike and hopefull wait for a call from Tina, but man, I got really pissed.

Supposedly Jennifer is going to try to take legal custody over Mike's daughter Allora. Mike said that he had talked to her earlier today and she wanted to see Allora Friday.

We leave for Vegas on Sunday.

So, Mike opted that he exchange Allora for Zayin so he could see his son. He said that she got all pissy and started saying things like, "You didn't want him before, I don't know why you'd want him now."

What does she know? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

This is coming from a woman who while Allora stayed in Stockton, briefly before Christmas week her family got kicked out of their house for being filthy, allowed Allora to be subjected to lice, skin rashes, and sores- she was barely there for even a week- let alone about four days. And this is pretty much the first time I first got to meet Allora.

Finally, when we were to drive them back to Stockton before that, I had exited Mike's house after Allora, Jennifer, and Zayin- only to see the baby Zayin, who was 1 at the time, have his arm severely yanked after walking TOO SLOW OMFG, HE IS A BABY, DAMN YOU.

I know you fucking saw me watch you and that is the only fucking reason you tried to cover it up like he fell down, you stupid bitch.

Her family of 16 brothers and sisters were split up after the house had pretty much deteriorated into unliveable conditions and the landlord had no choice but to evict them. So all the kids are living in foster homes and I'm guessing the mother, who is about late 40s, early 50s marries an older man who looks to be in his 70s and is, according to Mike, very frail. She just met the dude after their eviction, which would be around Christman, December 25- right? So she decides to marry him that same week.

In early to mid January, Jennifer takes Zayin with her to Iowa, supposedly to house sit for her new father-in-law. Well, the marriage falls apart within the next week, but somehow, she's living there and without a job.

How in the world does she manage it? Is it really magic?

She doesn't inform anyone what she is doing except to be ambiguous to say that she found a house to live in. How do you afford to live somewhere with no money?


You find a boyfriend who looks old enough to be your dad and as soon as you meet him, move in with him and his family. PLay on their sympathies of how your ex thinks you tricked him into having such babies and whatnot.


There is soooo much more drama from where that is from, but I'll get to you later. I have to inform Vicis of my ideas yo.
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30 May 2006 @ 02:15 am
I was thinking about the last entry I wrote and realized it could apply to two people in particular.

Their names are David F. and Jayson.

They can kiss my grits. Though I am sorta glad stuff went bad with them because I met Mike. He's been a good thing in many ways. Who knew it was possible to meet someone and just feel so adrift and yet, we're still growing as people?

He was a little sick when he IMed me earlier today, saying he was dizzy. I remember warning signals going off in my head and feeling really bad. I didn't want him to die. ((No, he wasn't that sick, but he seemed like he was catching something..))

On the drive home the night before, I was eating a barbequed rib and just being... really happy. Then I thought of how devastating it would be if he suddenly passed away and I would be alone again. Just the thought made me cry as he was talking about something random. I asked him to promise me to not die before I do and he said he'd try.

I don't know. I think if he died before we lived our lives together, there would be no returning for me. As if my life force in itself were dependant on his. I... I don't think I'd live if he died before I do.
28 May 2006 @ 01:15 am
I went to the county fair today with Mike, Allora, Mike's mom and younger sister Aleah ((who is still older than me, lol)). It was okay. We got to look at all the farm animals and the pigs smelt the WORST! It was funny when we were out by one of the pens and two girls with their chairs came and sat down in front of the pen. Suddenly, we hear this loud noise and the two girls scrambling away. Mike starts bursting out laughing and Allora and I have no idea what's going on until we smell it then catch the last bit of it.

The pig had the squirts and pretty much launches this attack going on through like three pens of flying shit from its ass!

We also got to see dairy goats, sheep, cows, chickens, ducks, and horses. The dairy goats eyes look like the HypnoToad's eyes from Futurama. I tried petting them, but one got irritated with me and I felt her mouth attempt to close over my hand before I jerked away.

I was thinking I'm sadly pretty much a city kind of girl because I couldn't stand the smell let alone the thought of dirtying my hands on gross fur. There are some short haired creatures, but I would not touch the long haired ones. With my luck, I'd forget to wash my hands and end up sticking my fingers in my mouth. However, I do envy those who were just laying with their pigs and petting them, laying against them. How long has it been since I was a kid, sleeping with my black Labrador Panza?

After that, the day was okay. I'm writing a piece on rough sex, lol.

That should be interesting.
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25 May 2006 @ 09:55 am
I'm getting married.

And for anyone doubting me, I seriously am. Within the next month of June or July, I'll be a Mrs. Johnson... or he'll be the next Mr. Gaea XD.

Or we'll be the Gaea- Johnsons?

I really do like my last name above all else ;_;.

I was thinking that I was going to be a little scared for the fact that I'm still young and my guy and I haven't been together for but a mere 8 going on 9 months, but it's okay.

I'm willing to be in it for the long run. I don't care what anyone says. I've always been a silent and kind one to keep my opinions to myself(irl), hence the nickname 'Angel' from all of my family. I don't put up much of a fight for anything and represent what's moral and right in life.

But honestly, though the moniker is something I'm fond of, I can't live my life catering to others' needs and wants. I can be nice, but at the same time, why should I stop something I want to do just because someone else doesn't like what or who I choose.

But don't get me wrong for a second- I am always seething with opinions for everything. Not to mention, they probably change more times than I can count. Heh, you can ask anyone who actually talk talks to me.

In a smaller hindsight, every girl, woman wants to be a princess whether or not they admit it. Not everyone can be a princess, hence me. I don't need everything to be happy, but I wouldn't mind be fussed over, being worried about. I just need the promise that the sky will not fall down on me as I walk the earth.
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20 May 2006 @ 04:18 pm
I've been more in the mood to write lately. Why? I don't know, but it feels good. I'm sure that my writing needs some kind of refining or maybe just more feedback. If I can actually get something printed out, I'll try attending a writer's meeting.

My writing seems a little childish to me. I feel it needs to go through some kind of transformation. Something to rid me of my rushed urge when I write, where it seems I am racing to write an end. I don't know. It's funny to me. Just his presence makes me think of things to explore within myself. He makes me feel good to be me.
15 May 2006 @ 10:18 am
Man, am I tired.

Rony and I were going to watch Memoirs of a Geisha, but we fell asleep until about 10:30am.

The tickets to Vegas are purchased! We're leaving June 4th, a day after my birthday. Why so early? Well, why wait so late? My last day of working at Wal-Mart is May 23rd and the only thing I'll really miss are the people.

Anyways, more tiredness. I would quit already, but Rony still wants me to work with her. Besides, I could use the money. *shrugs* My feet hurt. And I'm bored.

Big whoop ^_^.
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12 May 2006 @ 07:21 pm
It was pretty much boring all day today except for the part where I went swimming at Sandy Cove with Michael, Sai, Tina, my Mike, and Allora. Heh, now my feet are sandy and my hands stink something funny. I have to work later tonight, so I'm probably going to take a nap after this. And yes, I'm going to do it dirty.

I have about 10 working days left. I will try to put my best efforts forward to keep myself together until then. I was thinking the other day how I remember how I'd live if I'd die.

And I would take everything standing up because I won't give up. That's not the kind of person I want to be.

Today, I looked into the mirror and thought myself attractive. It's a rare occurance that I sit and think that completely for two days in a row, but hey- it happened. I don't know; I feel good about myself even when I feel like shit. I helped my sister purchase her ticket back to Georgia and I'm probably going to get our(Mike, Allora, and me) tickets tomorrow. I get to see my family after I become 20. Maybe I'll find a more honest voice to express myself.

Here's to hoping ^_^.
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11 May 2006 @ 03:59 pm
I was remembering one of my old fanfictions I wrote a long time ago concerning Metal Gear Solid. I had decided to look for it to show Ultimos Mike and ended up reading five ongoing fanfiction Mary Sues I had began and hadn't updated since about October 2003! I haven't been able to find my MGS story, but I'm now searching through the adult archives of fanfiction.net. Ugh, haven't found it, which is fine I guess, but I remember the story so clearly.

It was a Mary Sue, featuring one of my characters named Miranda. The name itself sorta made me think it was saying "look within yourself". I think I had told Ulti Mike she and Snake were lovers, but now that I'm thinking about it, they had never slept together. She was a runaway Snake had helped a while back who is finally calling in his "favor". Miranda pretty much idolizes Snake, but not gooey gross idolizing, but fashions her life to be the perfect woman for him. Anyways, since the ending of Sons of Liberty, Raiden's life had been falling apart as he looks back into Rose revealing her true self to him. Just one night, Rose leaves him- no clues, no anything and he's been a lazy ass, self destructive drunk since.

When Miranda arrives in the scene, Raiden is fascinated with how reminiscent she is of Rose. Even if Miranda isn't aware of it, Raiden knows exactly why Solid Snake brought her there.

Heh, I had some fighting in there too, which was pretty cool. There was some stuff going on under the scenes that continued the politics introduced in Sons of Liberty and yeah. It's got a lot for just a fanfiction, I know.

Mmm, Nostalgia!

Anyways, it looks like I will meet my son from the Empyron forums, Noromei. Maybe I'll meet him for lunch or something, I don't know. But yeah, I hope that turns out fine.

I hung out with Rony and some gal pals last night. Lol, I fell asleep on the floor about 4 in the morning. That was crazy :P.
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